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      Phosphogypsum is the phosphate fertilizer industry solid waste, and phosphoric acid is the foundation of phosphate fertilizer industry.

      FGD gypsum is the by-product of industrial gypsum.It is the gas desulfurization and purification which comes from the sulphur fuel (mainly coal).

      At present, with the industrial development, the increase using of coal increase the emissions of sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere .The air pollution and acid rain is extremely serious. Therefore the emission of sulphur dioxide control is imperative, in accordance with the relevant provisions : the power plant with installed capacity of 10,000 MW should have desulfurization equipment.

      The most extensive and most effective sulphur dioxide control technology in the coal power plant is flue gas desulfurization, and it is the world's only large-scale commercial application of the desulfurization way currently.

      Flue Gas desulfurization Process can be divided into wet, semi-dry and dry three categories by technical characteristics.

      Wet FGD technology is most widely used, accounting for more than 80 percent in the total installed capacity of desulfurization, such as the proportion is 90% in Germany, Japan is 98%, the United States is 92% .

      And its main ingredient is the same as natural gypsum,it is CaSO4.2H2O. As a by-product of the industrial chemical gypsum, and also have the same characteristics with the other chemical gypsum : high free water, a small loose particles with a variety of impurity elements. However, as the production of Desulfurized gypsum, which contained many elements of inorganic impurities, insoluble impurities in the mineral category, but most have no impact on the processing and application of gypsum.

      In order to enhance the efficiency of flue gas desulfurization, it has much requirements on limestone powder,calcium oxide content and the fineness of these gypsum , it guarantees the stability of the chemical constituents objectively. Therefore, in all the chemical gypsum, because of its own higher grade (CaSO4 ? 2 H2O content of up to 85 --- 95%),the desulfurized gypsum is suitable to be as raw materials in the  production of building, which also has higher performance.

     So , in a appropriate technology and equipment technology, desulfurized gypsum will become a cheap, high-quality, high-grade gypsum products .

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